Abena Abri-Form Air Plus (Level 4) and Abena Abri-From X-Plus (Level 4) Comparison and Reviews

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We have received a number of inquiries asking what are the differences between Abena Abri-Form Air Plus and Abri-Form X-Plus. The answer to the question is pretty straight forward, Abena Abri-Form Air Plus diapers offer a breathable cloth-like outer backing while the Abri-Form X-Plus offers the traditional poly outer backing. Both adult diapers offer the same outstanding absorbing capacity.

We also compared the prices between the two diapers on a per diaper basis and found Abri-Form Air Plus diapers are slightly less expensive than the X-Plus, which we found a little surprising as the Air Plus diapers are considered to be better briefs. We used eMedical’s pricing for this comparison.

Below you will find an in-depth description of both adult briefs.

Abena Abri-Form Air Plus

Abena Abri-Form Air Plus Diapers are Abena’s premium line of adult diapers and briefs. Abri-Form Air Plus diapers are unique in the market place as they have a maximum absorption capacity of 135 ounces while on average other comparable premium adult diapers only have a maximum absorption capacity of 34 ounces, which is almost four times less than the Abri-Form (Level 4). With Abena’s high absorption brings with it a higher cost per briefs, which initially scares off many consumers, when in fact the cost of using these maximum capacity briefs are less expensive than other premium briefs due the need for fewer changes and less need for laundry.

Key Features
• A truly breathable cloth-like outer shell. Outer shell is waterproof while still allowing air to circulate through the diaper. (This is unique feature as other comparable diapers only have breathable side panels.)
• Soft standing leak guards.
• Four flexible refastenable tapes.
• An added elastic waistband in the back for extra comfort and protection against the diaper from shifting.
• Wetness indicator to ensure brief is fully maximized.
• Dry top surface to ensure skin dryness.
• Odor system.
• Maximum absorption (Max. 135oz).
• Environmentally sounds materials that have minimum impact on the environment.
• No latex used in the diapers.

Abena Abri-Form X-Plus

Abena Abri-Form X-Plus as mentioned above are very similar to the Abri-Form Air Plus with one distinct difference. X-Plus offers the Abena’s signature 135 ounce maximum absorption with the traditional poly outer backing. Other than the performance of the outer backing these two diapers perform the same.

Key Features
• Soft standing leak guards.
• Four flexible refastenable tapes.
• An added elastic waistband for extra comfort and protection against the diaper from shifting.
• Wetness Indicator to ensure brief is fully maximized.
• Dry top surface to ensure skin dryness.
• Odor system.
• Maximum absorption (Max. 135oz).
• Environmentally sounds materials that have minimum impact on the environment.
• No latex used in the diapers.

Abena Diapers – Abena Abri-Form Application Guide

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Last week we provided an application guide for putting on Abena Abri-Form Diaper in a standing position. This week we are providing an application guide for putting on an Abena Abri-Form Diaper in a lying position. Most individuals prefer applying an adult diaper or youth diaper in a lying position as it allows for the diaper to remain stationary and for more maneuverability. We recommend if you would like to see this application of an adult diaper in action to see the various youtube videos avaliable. If you have questions regarding Abena products eMedical is also a great resource.


Abena Diaper Application Guide


Abena Diapers - Instructions for applying an adult diaper

Adult Diapers and Youth Diapers Application Guide

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How to put on an adult diaper or youth diaper without any assistance is a commonly asked question.  Individuals that are managing their incontinence without assistance many times will shy away from tradition diapers as they feel it is too difficult to change a diaper on their own.  Abena has broken down the task of changing a diaper without assistance  into 7 easy steps. This illustration provides guidance for changing an adult diaper while in the standing position.

Standing Diaper Application Guide

Step 1) Unfold the diaper and smooth out the inside of the diaper back to front. Fold the diaper lengthwise with the backsheet turned outwards.

Abena Abri-Form and Abri-Flex Adult Diapers


Step 2) Pass the folded diaper between legs from front to back. Position the upper rear end of the diaper along the hip bones.


Abena Abri-Form and Abri-Flex Adult Diapers


Step 3) Steady with your hip the rear end of the diaper. Pull out the front of the diaper, creating a channel shape between the legs.


Adult diapers guide to applying diaper



Step 4) Fasten the bottom tapes at an upward angle on both sides for a snug and comfortable fit.

Adult diaper and youth diaper application guide



Step 5) Form a pleat in the band of the diaper.

Adult Diaper and youth Diaper application guide



Step 6) Fasten the top tapes at a downward angle over the pleat.


 Step 7) Make sure the edges of the pad ease into the groin area, backsheet turned away from the skin. The best way to accomplish this is to run your fingers along the natural crease of the groin to ensure the cuff guards are   comfortably and snugly positioned in the groin.

The seven steps outlined above make applying a traditional diaper without assistance easy and stress free. Traditional adult diapers and youth diapers provide for a better level of protection when compared to disposable pull-up underwear. If you or someone in your care are in need of maximum protection you should consider a traditional adult diaper as they provide the highest absorbency. Abena Abri-Form are among the highest  absorbing and performing adult diaper on the market today.  The Abena Abri-Form offer a maximum absorbency up to 135oz, which is four times more absorbent than other maximum absorbency diapers.

If you looking for Abena Diapers we recommend eMedical, they carry Abena Abri-Form Air Plus (Level 4), Abena Abri-Form X-Plus (Level 4), Abena Abri-Form Super (Level 2) and Abena Abri-Flex Pull-up Underwear (Level 3). They also carry many other brand at great prices.  They offer fast free discreet shipping through FedEx.

Abena Diapers – Product Reviews

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The Abena brand offers some of the most absorbent disposable protective diapers/briefs and pull-up underwear on the market today. Abena is known as one of Europe’s top incontinence manufactures and has gained recognition by American consumers for offering superior heavy absorbency diapers/briefs and pull-up underwear. At eMedical we understand the importance in having the highest quality products to ensure that while managing incontinence your normal daily activities are not interrupted and you have the ability to attain a peaceful uninterrupted night’s sleep. We are confident that the diapers and pull-up underwear offered by Abena will do just that.

Abena is a relatively unknown brand name for most consumers in the U.S. and we hope this article will assist you in becoming better informed with the Abena brand. We are confident that you will find Abena’s Abri-Form and Abri-Flex disposable diapers and pull-up underwear to be among the best on the market today.

This article is long so we have included links to the different sections of the article.

Background on Abena
Abena Abri-Form Original
Abena Abri-Form Air Plus
Abena Abri-Flex
Abena on Environment 

Background on Abena

Abena is a dynamic group with its corporate headquarters in Denmark, close to the German border. Abena has both trading and production divisions, and is active worldwide. Their product areas are comprised of healthcare products, disposables, paper products, plastic bags and waste systems.

The Abena Group was founded in 1953, when Jens Terp-Nielsen established the company Saekko A/S in Aabenraa in the south of Denmark. The main activity concerned the sale of jute sacks for agriculture. Saekko A/S developed into a trading company and in 1980 established their own production of baby diapers and sanitary towels under the brand Bambo. In the eighties the company began to export products to other countries, and today they export their products to more than 55 markets worldwide.

In 2003 the company name changed to Abena, and today they have more than 1,300 employees worldwide, offering a wide assortment of hygiene articles, plastic and paper products, waste systems and packaging.

The Group has subsidiaries in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Holland, France, United Kingdom, the U.S., Canada, Asia, Australia and New Zealand as well as in several European countries.

Click Here to view a short video showing the different stages of Abena manufacturing process.


Abena Abri-Form Original Diapers/Briefs

The Abena Abri-Form Diapers/Briefs are offered in four levels of absorbency protection and two styles. Due to the names that Abena has selected it can be confusing determining which product provides which level of absorbency. Abena Abri-Form OriginalThe four levels of absorbency are identified as Plus, Super, Extra and X-Plus, which each name has also been given a numeric value of 1-4, with four being the most absorbent. The numeric values correspond to the names as follows; Plus = 1; Super = 2; Extra = 3 and X-Plus = 4. Sizes are identified as with a letter value of XS, S, M, L and XL. The two values will be identified on the packaging to signify the size and level of protection, i.e. L4 = Size Large, X-Plus.
Below we have outlined the differences between the four protection levels.

Abri-Form Diapers/Briefs are designed to give optimum leakage security and are particularly suitable for highly demanding situations.

  • Non-woven side panels made from soft and breathable material, which provide a high level of security and holds the pad in plan
  • Flexible tapes ensures the best combination of comfort and security, even during physical activities
  • Ultimate leakage protection with barriers extended right to the edge, and built-in cross barrier at the rear


Abena Abri-Form Air Plus Diapers/Briefs

Abena Abri-Form Air Plus Diaper/BriefsThe Abena Abri-Form Air Plus provides the same outstanding protection as the Abri-Form Original with one significant difference. The outer backing of the Abri-Form Air Plus is made up of a cloth like fabric which provides for superior breathability that reduces the heat buildup normally associated with traditional diaper/briefs. The outer cloth like fabric improves overall skin integrity during wear.

Abri-Form Air Plus have the same four levels of proctection; Plus = 1; Super = 2; Extra = 3 and X-Plus = 4. Sizing is also identified in the same manner as the Abri-Form Original


Abena Abri-Flex

Abri-Flex prodAbena Abri-Flex Pull-up Underwearucts are designed to be worn just like normal underwear, which enhances the users feeling of freedom and dignity.





  • Abri-Flex stays better in place with twice as many elastics as other equivalent products.
  • Unique elastication in both legs and in the crotch area provides an extra snug body fit and is the ultimate solution if the user has problems fitting a conventional pull-up or during intense physical activity.

Again the Abri-Flex Pull-up Underwear identifies protection level and size in the same manner as the Abri-Form Original and the Abri-Form Air Plus


Abena and Environment

Abena has documented that their products are among the most environmentally friendly in the world. They attach great importance that their products being as well-documented as possible and having the least possible impact on resources and environment. Abena suppliers must be able to account for their own consumption of resources and the environmental impact of each delivery. No values may exceed acknowledged and pre-determined limit values and it is essential for their choice of product that the supplier has a internationally acknowledged environmental certification.

Nordic ECOLABELAbena is certified according to the environmental management standard ISO 9001. Furthermore, many of their products are approved according to national and international, product-specific and business-specific standards.

A considerable number of their products carry the EU-flower, The Blue Angel and the Nordic Eco-label. They are certified and licensed in many international and national labeling systems, and they conform to the UN Global Compact.

Abena also works actively on complying with the following green principles:

  • The disposal of packaging must be simple to use and environmentally friendly.
  • Abena plans their logistics to ensure the least possible release of CO2.
  • Abena’s packaging is optimized and waste is reduced in order to minimize the use of raw materials.

Abena’s production complies with all applicable environmental requirements.


Great resource for Abena Products and Information is at eMedical, Inc. their website is www.emedicalnow.com



Coming Soon!

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We are pleased to announce AbenaDiaper.com will be launching soon.  A site devoted to discussing Abena Incontinence products, supplies and best practices for managing incontinence. Check back-in soon!